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4 Ways to Add Multiple Members to Telegram Group

March 21, 2021
4 Ways to Add Multiple Members to Telegram Group

How to Add Multiple Members to Telegram Group

When you are trying to start a group on Telegram with commercial purposes in mind, one of the main challenges you face is gaining followers. Whether you are going to find advertisers for connecting them to your community or promote your own brand, product, or service, you need to build strong followership to succeed in your marketing endeavors. And we are here to help you learn all the options you have for making the size of your group grow.

Starting a Group and Adding the First Members

In fact, you cannot create a group without choosing at least one of your contacts as a member. As soon as you let Telegram into your mobile device, it connects to the phone's contacts list and allows you to select users for chats. Thus, when you tap the New Group button, you are welcomed to tick some names from your contacts.

However, group owners rarely bother to stuff a new group with people until they are done with creating it. But when the chat is titled and designed properly, they can go back to the contacts to add multiple members to the Telegram group. To this end, they just need to tap the group’s icon, find the Add member button, and continue ticking the contacts. If you replenish your contact list later, you can transfer some people from there to your group in the same way.

Inviting Users to Join the Group

Using Telegram’s invitation links allows you to go beyond the existing contact list since the links can be shared through other messengers and social media platforms or copied and posted across websites, forums, and so on. Moreover, you can invite new members by finding their usernames through Telegram’s global search, while you need to know people’s phone numbers to have them on your contact list.

Although the path to the links varies a bit depending on the device you are using, they are easy to spot in the group info, sitting somewhere near the Add Member button. As all Telegram groups are private by default, it’s better to switch your settings to Public and, thus, make the chat searchable for outside users. This will change your invitation to a shorter link with the group name embedded in it for higher memorability.

So, invitation links grant more opportunities to add multiple members to the Telegram group, but you are still limited in your efforts by the messenger’s policy. You are not allowed to add manually more than 200 followers, although your chat can accommodate up to 200 thousand people.

Promoting the Group to Get Multiple Members

Telegram works pretty much the same as other popular messengers and social media platforms used for promotion. And a large portion of promotional methods and channels available online works for Telegram too. Let’s list some of them:

  • designing your Telegram profile properly
  • using cross-promotion
  • paying for promotion in popular Telegram chats
  • creating and posting quality and relevant content
  • engaging users with polls and quizzes

Surely, you will find more tips on that if you want to, but neither of the methods can guarantee a steady flow of multiple users.

Buying Telegram Members

Frankly speaking, it’s the only guaranteed way to add multiple members to a Telegram group. While other methods can bring you dozens or even hundreds of followers, buying Telegram members is powerful enough to increase the size of your group by thousands of users. It’s an affordable option, the more so that you can choose between fake or real members, order a targeted audience or complement the user base growth with a boost in views. However, you need to be thoughtful about selecting a reliable service provider that will be able to deliver a customizable flow of new members.

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