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Two Ways to Extract Telegram Group Members

March 23, 2021
Two Ways to Extract Telegram Group Members

How to Extract Telegram Group Members with Bots

Being just another messenger in the market initially, Telegram has grown into a popular business tool used by many brands, companies, marketers, and advertisers. They employ the messenger’s groups and channels to connect with potential customers, maintain user loyalty, promote their products and services, and reach other marketing goals. The owners of popular channels and groups capitalize on the trend by providing access to their vast communities, with some of them reaching millions of followers.

However, it requires plenty of time and effort to build such huge followership and retain the user base. Meanwhile, some users know about a workaround, which lets them extract Telegram group members from existing communities. In this article, we are going to see into your options depending on the goals set.

Extracting Telegram Group Members with Scrapers

Telegram-scraping bots are programs capable of retrieving the code used to transform human-readable pieces of information to machine-readable databases. As such, scraping bots can dig into Telegram chats, user bases, or account settings to extract almost any data required.

So, how can you benefit from it? If you know your target audience and thematic groups crowded with users who might be interested in the topic offered in your chats, you have all the chances to lure those people away. Even if some of them reject your invitation, the odds are high that you acquire a bigger audience than if building it from scratch. Moreover, the extracted data can be used in plenty of ways: you can invite these users, add them to your groups without notifying them, send bulk or individual messages, and more.

Actually, some bots are designed to exclusively extract Telegram group members from specified databases. As a result, you get a text file with all the data ordered in a convenient format ready for further processing. Other bots are more feature-rich and allow managing the retrieved information, launching promotional campaigns, and receiving analytics on them. Other attributes also vary a lot: there are paid and free bots, working only with groups or covering channels as well, suitable to extract Telegram group members from private chats or public pages only, etc. Such diversity makes it easy to select a tool that fits your goals best, although some customers prefer to order custom-made bots.

Anyway, it should be noted that Telegram doesn’t like someone bothering its users with spam, privacy violations, and other annoying things that might trigger complaints. So, let’s look in another direction and learn what Telegram offers itself.

Extracting Telegram Group Members with Built-in Feature

Telegram also uses bots for various purposes and allows the owners of groups to transfer data from their accounts and chats to offline. However, this opportunity is not accessible on mobile devices — you need to install Telegram’s desktop version to connect to it. When you do, go to Settings located in the main menu and find the Export Telegram Data tab. There, you can tick some specific pieces of information like media files and contacts or export all the data in bulk for further safe storage and processing.

Telegram also grants you the freedom to choose between two text formats, HTML or JSON, for better convenience and flexibility. Yet, this tool is ultimately inapplicable for collecting users from other Telegram groups since you need to be the owner or administrator of the group to access the database.

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