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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Add Members to Telegram Group with Username

March 13, 2021
Step-By-Step Guide on How to Add Members to Telegram Group with Username

How to Add Members to Telegram Group with Username

According to Statista, Telegram has made it to the Top 5 global mobile messengers by the number of monthly active users. With a crowd of about 500 million subscribers, it might be tricky to find separate users you want to get in your group.

Commonly, the owners of new Telegram accounts start filling up their groups with people available on their contact lists. This is quite easy to do by tapping your group name and clicking Add Member, which takes you in your contacts for further ticking the required users. However, the list is composed of people whose phone numbers are known to you. But what if you want to add a person who is not on your list and whose phone number is unknown? Mind that, in general, Telegram prioritizes searching by numbers. So, how to add members to a Telegram group with the username instead of the phone number?

Getting New Members for Your Telegram Group with Their Usernames

First, you need to keep in mind that usernames in Telegram are not identical to real names and ID details on other social media platforms. Telegram subscribers create their usernames with the help of a special symbol — @. The sign is followed by letters, numbers, and underscore. When a user assigns a username to his or her Telegram account, they kind of agree to go public since from this time forth, the user can be found under this ID in the Telegram search, and other users can contact them.

Thus, if you know someone’s username and wish to invite the person to your group, you should do the following:

  • Enter the main menu on the top.
  • Press the Contacts tab.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • Type the username you want to find.
  • Select the required profile from the search results and tap on it.
  • Now you can message the person to invite him or her to your group or share your contact with them first.

However, you do not need to share your phone number with your vis-à-vis if you don’t want to. But the rule works both ways, and the individual you contacted is free to refuse your invitation.

Another way to go is by using an invitation link. In this scenario, you are supposed to:

  • Click on your group name to find the Add Members option in the Group Info.
  • Use the search bar to catch your target person.
  • Select Invite to Group via Link.

The good news is that you can find a person on Telegram even without knowing his or her exact username. You don’t have to enter the “@” sign either since Telegram’s global search allows spotting usernames by matching a couple of characters. Say, you know that your target person’s name is Simon, so you can type it in the search bar to see all usernames containing “Simon”. As Telegram lets you view public profiles, you have a good chance to figure out which “Simon” is yours.

The bad news is that Telegram user profiles are not public by default. If a user doesn’t bother to construct a username for his or her account, you can get in touch with this person by phone number only. Besides, Telegram provides its fan base with all kinds of privacy settings, and your options to allure a potential member into your group can be limited by certain restrictions applied.


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