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How to Add Multiple Members in Telegram Group: 3 Valid Methods

March 11, 2021
How to Add Multiple Members in Telegram Group: 3 Valid Methods

Helpful Guide on How to Add Multiple Members in Telegram Group

Well, you probably know that you can add up to 200 members extracted from your contact list to initially fill up your newly created Telegram group. However, you might have less than several hundred people on your phone, and even if you do, this figure is not that impressive to succeed in promoting your page in Telegram. The more crowded your page is, the more visible it becomes for other Telegram users, not to mention getting more trust from visitors. Here you may begin wondering how to add multiple members in a Telegram group, and we have cherry-picked three ways of growing your followership that really work.

Buying Bots

Yes, it may sound strange that we are starting the list with such a low-profile method, but let’s sort out its pros and cons before jumping to conclusions. Bots provide your Telegram page with unreal members who cannot view your posts, or share the content of your chats, or interact with the channel in some other way. And this is really bad. Bots add only figures to your counter, but they don’t deliver any engagement, which is also important for promoting your group.

However, bots are cheap, and you can buy them in bulk even being on a tight budget. Actually, you can add tens of thousands of followers for less than 50 bucks. Thus, this method works fine for new groups and channels that need to look well-established in the eyes of potential subscribers. Visitors will see that the group is popular among other users and will be more inclined to join it. As a result, growing your user base with bots turns into attracting organic users, which is surely good.

Buying Real Members

Obviously, bots won’t fool smart visitors and advertisers, who can try and check whether there are real user profiles behind the numbers and names. Besides, if the bots are designed clumsily, Telegram can reveal the fraud, which may result in a ban. In the best-case scenario, Telegram will delete inactive accounts after a while, thus decreasing your followership back again.

All these cons do not apply to buying real Telegram members. Of course, they may cost you another portion of your budget, especially when buying a targeted audience, but you can still gain thousands of new members for the same $50. And we have purposefully mentioned targeting since you can choose the audience, for example, based on user preferences or geolocation. If done through a reliable service provider, buying real Telegram members will convince both advertising customers and regular visitors that your page is worth spending time or money.

Sharing Invite Links

It’s the most effective of all free methods available for promoting Telegram groups, as it allows gaining bulk members who are also targeted and engaged. You can create a link in your group settings (Group Info > Add Member > Invite to Group via Link) and share it across other Telegram groups, social media pages, and multiple online platforms.

However, it requires plenty of work done:

  • to figure out your target audience
  • to spot appropriate channels for reaching these users
  • to create high-quality content that could grab their attention
  • to find ways of sharing the links without getting spammy

Unfortunately, you cannot do without paid services if you don’t have popular online platforms of your own. Multiple new members will come into your group only from populated web pages. Otherwise, you may expect a few fresh followers added to your list via invite links scattered across the web.

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