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5 Ways to Get Telegram Group Members at No Cost

March 8, 2021
5 Ways to Get Telegram Group Members at No Cost

How to Get Telegram Group Members for Free

While Telegram is said to gain 1.5 million users daily, your newly created group might be not that successful. Although buying subscribers is always a way out, you certainly want to know how to get Telegram group members for free before investing in other options. Here is a list of the most popular methods that can add followers to your group at no cost.

Add People from Your Contact List

Although SMM experts believe it to be a dated way, you can still get at least 200 subscribers by transferring them from your phone contact list. However, you need to have an extensive contact list in the first place, as adding the entire base in bulk is a bad idea, which can lead to a ban. Go to your group settings, press Add Member, and then tick only those people who fall into your target audience and wouldn’t mind joining a group with a certain focus.

Design Matters

It is the point often underestimated by novice group owners. They start attacking would-be subscribers before their Telegram pages actually get ready to accommodate new visitors. And what is even more frustrating, they ignore tools they can use absolutely for free to boost the number of their subscribers.

Look at our page — does it have a catchy name that prompts its content and might spark interest in users? Do you have a profile picture that somehow distinguishes you from the competition and attracts attention? What is about using your group description to the fullest by providing extra information on the specifics of the community you would like to gather? Revise the design of your page and fix everything so that all the publicly visible elements could contribute to your goal.

Deploy an Invitation Campaign

If you have other social media pages or your own website, you can share an invitation link to your Telegram group across these resources. By pressing your account name, you will get into the management menu where the Invite to Group via Link button is located. Upon creating a link, you can post it on your web pages or negotiate with third-party platforms about publishing it there. Do not miss a chance to insert it in your Stories for better reach.

Search for Collaboration

It’s a fruitful approach to find other Telegram groups with similar or somehow associated topics and ask their admins about cross-promotion. They can post links to your group in return for sharing their links among your followership. Surely, you need to explore your would-be partners’ user base at first, as their groups might be stuffed with bots to mimic a wide reach. Also, it is unlikely that a more popular channel would agree to promote your group for free, so search for voluntary collaboration among groups with identical audience sizes.

Avail of Geo Chats

Do not ignore the built-in targeting possibilities provided by the messenger. Creating geo chats is one of them, and it gives you a tool for finding Telegram users located within about a mile from your place. The feature is available via your Contacts menu, where you can create an invitation for the people spotted nearby. Nobody can guarantee that they will get interested in joining your followership, but it is just another answer on how to get Telegram group members for free.

Try and Get into Reviews

Many channels publish reviews of topic-specific online destinations or selections of the most popular/useful/engaging/whatever web pages to provide helpful recommendations to their users. Of course, it is hardly possible to get to the top for a fresh group with a small user base, but you can cheat a bit by partnering with admins of other emerging groups. Schedule posts with your own reviews and selections based on your area of activity and publish them in the groups by turn, alternating the information a little and having some breaks.


As you can see, you do have a choice of free methods to grow your Telegram audience, but all of them require certain efforts, time expenditures, and even marketing skills, with no guaranteed results. It is hard to predict how many group members you could acquire through these channels and how much time it would take to see the desired outcomes. So, buying subscribers is still a worthy alternative, but it’s up to you which way to go.

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