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Why and How to Hide Group Members in Telegram

March 7, 2021
Why and How to Hide Group Members in Telegram

Understanding How to Hide Group Members in Telegram

Although Telegram offers plenty of helpful features for a group owner or admin to manage their audience and chats, the messenger still lacks functionality in some aspects. And if you are interested in how to hide group members in Telegram, we have some bad news for you.

Understanding Interest in Your Group Members

First things first, so let’s sort out why anybody would want to sneak a look at your Telegram group members. The most frequent case is advertising opportunities provided across social media platforms, including those offered in Telegram. A potential advertiser would want to know how many users they could reach by promoting their products and services within a particular group. This interest can refer not only to traditional forms of advertising but also to all kinds of camouflaged ads or cross-promotion. The main idea is to get an insight into your group followership, which, however, goes beyond merely counting subscribers. Smart advertisers would like to be sure that your followers correlate with their target audience, so they may want to see user profiles behind the figures.

Yet, the circle of people interested to see into your Telegram user base is not limited to advertising customers only. Regular Telegram users invited by a group admin or attracted to the page in some other way are often reluctant to join a group with a small number of subscribers. They see it as a kind of a warning sign signalizing that the group is not popular enough to subscribe to it. Moreover, some of them are eager to know more about the community gathered on your page before they decide to join it.

Accordingly, you would want to make your own decisions as to what information to show about your group, especially taking into account that Telegram is commonly praised for its respect for users’ anonymity. However, it’s not that simple because groups and channels work differently in displaying their audiences.

Design Matters

It is the point often underestimated by novice group owners. They start attacking would-be subscribers before their Telegram pages actually get ready to accommodate new visitors. And what is even more frustrating, they ignore tools they can use absolutely for free to boost the number of their subscribers.

Look at our page — does it have a catchy name that prompts its content and might spark interest in users? Do you have a profile picture that somehow distinguishes you from the competition and attracts attention? What is about using your group description to the fullest by providing extra information on the specifics of the community you would like to gather? Revise the design of your page and fix everything so that all the publicly visible elements could contribute to your goal.

Understanding Telegram Group and Channels

When it comes to Telegram channels, visitors can view basic information about them, including the number of subscribers. But it is impossible to scroll through the lists of followers unless you are not an admin.

Groups in Telegram are more transparent since visitors are free not only to observe the total number of members but also to view group members’ profiles if only they are not protected by privacy settings. By tapping the Members button, you can enter the user base, and by pressing a user name on the list, you can see whether the person is online, what her or his avatar looks like, and so on. Is there any way to lock this information and how to hide group members in Telegram?

Understanding Your Options

Actually, privacy settings are almost the only way to hide something about your Telegram group members. Even admins cannot somehow restrict other users of a group from seeing each other or prevent visitors from browsing the entire audience.

Surely, multiple Telegram enthusiasts have been constantly creating useful bots to expand the messenger’s functionality. However, the best tool we could find to help you in hiding your group members are those designed to remove messages notifying about users joining or leaving a group.

So, if you pin hopes on some secret knowledge of how to hide group members in Telegram, we regret to inform you that it is no go. And since your followership is likely to stay very much observable, it is yet another reason to invest in its growth.

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