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How to Send Message to All Group Members in Telegram

March 16, 2021
How to Send Message to All Group Members in Telegram

Manual and Automated Ways to Send Message to All Group Members in Telegram

Sharing information through social media has long become a more popular way than using traditional emails. Messages sent via Telegram are sure to avoid getting into a spam folder, and the messenger immediately notifies its users about each new piece of information that arrives in their chats. So, you can quickly get in touch with a wide user base, but first, you need to understand how it works. In this post, we discuss your options to send a message to all group members in Telegram.

Sending Messages to All Telegram Group Members

The basic way of contacting multiple users on Telegram is by creating a group. Everything is simple here:

  • You start a group by entering the main menu and tapping the New Group button.
  • You populate it by ticking people from your contact list.
  • You identify the group by giving it a name and an image.

After all the preparations are completed, you can write a message, which will be visible to each and every person who joined the chat. Further, you have several ways of expanding your audience beyond the existing contact list. You can also avail of Telegram’s pin feature to make sure that all the group members have access to the information.

However, your messaging opportunities are limited by the number of people allowed for a group (which is 200,000 users). Besides, groups are interactive at their core, and your messages will be lost easily among comments posted by your followers unless you pin the posts or restrict the users’ permissions to send certain types of content. You could sidestep these problems by opting for a channel instead of a group since Telegram channels are more suitable for broadcasting information and not limited in size. Yet, you will still need to do a lot of work manually and, what is even more important, to acquire a vast user base first. Luckily, we can use automated tools nowadays to send a message to all group members in Telegram and tackle other issues.

Using Hi-Tech Solutions for Sending Messages in Telegram

Let’s start with bots, which are third-party applications designed to expand Telegram’s built-in functionality and provide specific tools for managing groups and channels. When finding a bot with the necessary feature, you need to:

  • connect the bot to your group;
  • grant administrator privileges to it;
  • provide it with your group chat ID;
  • adjust its settings to spread your message among targeted users only;
  • specify a time for launching the bulk messages.

You might have noticed that chatbots are able not only to send a message to all group members in Telegram but also to do it smartly. Moreover, some of them come with analytical tools to give an insight into your communication efforts.

However, there are even more powerful solutions outside there, covering downloadable software and cloud-based services designed for marketing and promotion across social media. They may be created specifically for Telegram or work as one-size-fits-all tools. Pay close attention solutions equipped with scraping features since it allows them to collect data on members of other groups. You can segment this user base to identify your target audience and add it to your group in an automated mode. Thus, you will be able to grow your followership and send bulk messages even to those Telegram users who are not on your contact list. The automated tools are also suitable for reaching members of the groups where you don’t have admin authority.

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