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Why Gain Telegram Members and Where Telegram Fake Members Can Cut It

March 9, 2021
Why Gain Telegram Members and Where Telegram Fake Members Can Cut It

Real Telegram Members vs. Telegram Fake Members

Telegram claims that 1.5 million people register in the messenger every day. Clearly, at least a part of these users come to the platform having commercial purposes in mind. Some of them want to promote their own business across the 500-million Telegram community, while others would like to earn on promoting someone else’s businesses. Anyway, both parties need to grow their Telegram audience to succeed.

The number of Telegram members subscribed to a group or a channel directly affects its visibility. Whether users have a feed bot installed or browse the messenger using the search bar, they always see more popular channels and groups first. And as you might guess, “more popular” includes greater followership. So, if a user taps into Telegram and wants to join, say, a crypto group, he or she will find more populated options on the top and are likely to subscribe to one of them without scrolling down to see all the alternatives. Besides, users tend to trust other users, and when they need to choose between a group with 10k followers and 500 members, they will opt for the first option with a 99.9% probability.

Similar to the above, advertising customers look for popular channels and groups to get a better reach and enjoy a higher ROI. And if you aim at monetization, you have no other choice than to gain a wide audience.

But the question is what kind of audience you need to gain?

Why Telegram Fake Members Can Be a Good Choice

Telegram fake members are created by bots, which means that the accounts you get in your user base have no real people behind them, even if provided with life-like user names and picture profiles. As such, fake accounts deliver no interaction: they cannot view your posts, comment on them, or share your content. Over time, Telegram deletes inactive accounts, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in your audience size. Moreover, an abundance of fake members carries a risk of getting under a ban.

Advertisers are also not that naïve to believe only in figures shown on your user counter. They try to check each group or channel for fake engagement before investing in it. And today, there are plenty of online services gathering statistics on Telegram group performance to reveal signs of fake activities.

Does this mean that Telegram fake members are a big no-no for you? It depends. If your aim is to gain followers just to bridge the gap between your newly created group and more established competitors, bots can do the job. Say, you buy 5k group members for your page to become more visible on Telegram and to look trustworthy in the eyes of potential subscribers. You gain organic users and retain them with quality content while attracting new visitors from multiple marketing channels. At some point, quantity is transformed into quality, and you land a popular group with loyal and engaged followership for your brand to thrive or for advertisers to fight for you. Everyone is happy!

How to Package Your Bots as Real Telegram Members

In fact, you can cheat a bit when using bots, at least to trip up algorithms that try to detect fake activity.

  • Don’t rush into buying Telegram members as soon as your group is created.
  • Avoid adding thousands of followers within mere hours.
  • Select services with a choice of settings that allows mimicking organic traffic.
  • Buy views in addition to new members and keep a realistic balance between the size of your audience and the number of views per post.
  • Use paid advertising along with fake members to camouflage the latter with the former.

If handling Telegram fake members wisely, you are sure to get certain benefits, although they might be more modest than attracting organic users.

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