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Targeted Crypto Members to Buy for Your Telegram Group

March 4, 2021
Targeted Crypto Members to Buy for Your Telegram Group

Buying Crypto Telegram Members with a Reliable Service

It is no surprise that crypto-themed channels are listed among the Top 20 Telegram destinations by the size of the user base. Both blockchain and Telegram encryption technologies are geared towards anonymity, so a total number of cryptocurrency fans enjoying privacy on the messenger hit 20 million. If you are interested in this market and want your group or channel to reach this vast audience, acquiring dedicated members will be the right way to go.

Why Buy Crypto Telegram Members?

Users and advertisers adore popular channels, and Telegram loves them too. The more subscribers your channel has, the more visible it becomes for all the parties concerned. Whether you want to launch an ICO, get support for your crypto project, or promote associated third-party services, you need your channel to look trustworthy and well-liked. While you can add only 200 members manually, there is an opportunity to get thousands of them in no time, with little effort and no risk.

Why Buy Crypto Telegram Members with Us?

We are a hi-tech platform with a focus on Telegram exclusively, and we know how to do things in the right way:

  • We have a segmented database to deliver any number of new subscribers interested in the crypto topic.
  • All the members have proper names and user pictures.
  • You can buy crypto Telegram members for a group or a channel, both public and private.
  • Our automated system allows selecting the speed and time of growing your followership, including delayed launch and slowdown at night.
  • We guarantee immediate delivery and no bans or drops.
  • Our pricing policy is flexible and designed to fit every budget.

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